Statistics relating to the insurance spread in South Africa reveal that funeral policies, life cover, medical aid and vehicle insurance have widely been accepted as essential financial products within the insurance market. Legal cost insurance however has the smallest infiltration and many South Africans continue to perceive legal cost insurance as a luxury.

This is a regrettable misconception as the target group LSM 4 – 10, earning between about R2 829 and R30 323 a month, usually have the greatest need for legal assistance in an unfortunate economy where limited state resources are available. The income threshold for Legal Aid (legal assistance free of charge) stands at an income of less than R5 500 per month after tax has been deducted. If you form part of a household, you and the other members of the household need to earn a combined income of less than R6 000 per month after tax has been deducted in order to qualify for Legal Aid.

Falling outside the qualifying parameters for free Legal Aid (and bearing in mind that Legal Aid does not cover labour and certain family law cases), a few LSM groups are left in dire need of a legal hero.
Without legal cost insurance the costs associated with a private legal professional may total in excess of hundreds of thousands, including a hefty consultation fee, deposit and billing per document/hour. With Legal Hero there are no excess fees when claiming and in return for an affordable monthly premium, policyholders are covered with up to R200 000 in annual litigation fees. Legal Hero policyholders furthermore enjoy basic legal advice, contracts, out of court negotiation (saving you time), accidental death cover and a family protection plan (family legally protected for 12 months after your passing).

You cannot choose life’s battles and lawsuits, but you can choose your hero. Rewrite your story; choose Legal Hero for quality legal protection.

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