Victimization is a sneaky evil that must be stopped.



While you have 90 days to refer an unfair labour practice to the CCMA, you only have 30 DAYS to refer an unfair dismissal.

Chapter two of the Employment Equity Act also sets out a few practices that could amount to victimization (preventing employees from joining trade unions or preventing employees from engaging in union activities, prejudicing employees due to a legitimate disclosure, bribing employees not to exercise his/her rights in terms of the Labour Relations Act, etc.).

Have a look at section 5, 185 and 186(2) of the Labour Relations Act (unfair labour practices that could amount to victimization).

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Please contact your hero on 0861 22 99 22 (select voice prompt 4) should you feel victimized at work. We will help you exhaust internal procedures first by assisting your company’s grievance procedure. It is only in extreme cases that we’ll make contact with the employer directly as a first point of reference, in that it often has a negative effect on the employer-employee relationship to involve an attorney before exhausting internal rules first. However, should the matter remain unresolved, your hero will get involved and also assist with all the steps applicable to the CCMA application process.

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