Roses are red, violets are blue, do you know that I’ve been stalking you?

Say NO to harm (mental, psychological, physical or economic) caused by harassment.

Question 1: Please define harassment? Harassment = unwelcome…


Harassment includes:

the direct and / or indirect act that either causes mental, psychological, physical or economic harm or inspires the victim to reasonably believe that harm may be caused to him / her by unreasonably following, watching, pursuing or accosting of the victim, loitering outside of or near the building or place where the victim or a related person resides, works, carries on business, studies or happens to be;

The verbal, electronic or any other communication directed at the victim by sending or delivering letters, faxes, packages, electronic mail or other objects to the victim or leaving them where they will be found

Unwelcome explicit or implicit behavior, suggestions, messages or remarks of a sexual nature that have the effect of offending, intimidating or humiliating the victim. The aforesaid actions would further make any reasonable person anticipate that the victim would find it offensive, humiliating or intimidating;

The implied or expressed promise of reward for taking part in a sexually oriented request;

The implied or expressed threat of punishment or actual punishment for the victim’s refusal to comply with a sexually oriented request.

Stay tuned as we will be discussing further aspects of the Protection from Harassment Act, all to follow in the course of this week. You do not have to tolerate stalking!

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