Please tell me more about intestate succession? What happens when I pass on without a valid will? What will happen to my belongings and which of my children will inherit?



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A will is presumed to be valid until the invalidity thereof has been proven on a balance of probabilities by the person alleging same. It is strongly advised that you seek professional assistance with the drawing up of your will. Legal Hero policyholders may contact 0861 22 99 22 (voice prompt 4) or e-mail Alternatively, simply send us a Facebook inbox message to report your problem – please remember to include your ID or membership number.

The Executor is responsible for administering the estate. Duties include paying creditors of the estate (your debts), receiving claims (if you had debtors), pay the heirs to the estate, etc. whilst in constant communication with the Master of the High Court. If you do not nominate an Executor, the Master of the High Court may appoint an executor. An Executor may also not sign the Will as a witness. If so, he/ she may not act as the appointed Executor. An Executor may, however, inherit in terms of the Will.

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