An arrest often happens when you least expect it. Sometimes, in less serious cases, you are granted Police Bail. This is when you may leave the Police Station’s holding cell, go home and then return for the Court appearance.


However, sometimes what is required is a formal bail application in Court. This is when you need to remain in the holding cell and wait for your Court appearance (must happen within 48 Court hours).

Just this morning one of our Policyholders appeared in Court following his arrest on Sunday (yesterday). The Legal Hero Policyholder luckily remembered to contact our 24/7 bail line. This morning his Attorney – paid for by Legal Hero at no extra charge/ no excess fee to him – attended to his formal bail hearing in Court and managed to have all charges against our Policyholder withdrawn by virtue of mediation entered into with the State.

Depending on certain factors such as the type of charge involved (the seriousness thereof) and whether the accused has committed any previous convictions, the State is inclined to extend a “helping hand” to an accused who has strayed by referring criminal charges for mediation. This is in an attempt to resolve the matter in an amicable manner between the accused and complainant. However, should the accused try to misuse or make a mockery of the State’s kindness, mediation will not be offered and the case will run its normal course.

Have a great day!

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