Life cover, disability cover, dread disease cover, functional impairment and income protection cover… In a bid to counter more of your life’s villains, Legal Hero is proud to present a few new hero products.

Life Cover
Life Hero is a product range that falls within the long term insurance industry. In collaboration with Triarc – an authorized financial services provider also with Guardrisk (Guardrisk Life) – we now offer you the following benefits: 
1. Life Cover
2. Disability Cover (Core and Comprehensive) 
3. Dread Disease Cover (Core and Comprehensive)
4. Functional Impairment Cover (Core and Comprehensive) 
5. Income Protection Cover

Unfortunately, death is inevitable. As a final courteous act, help us help you enable the loved ones you leave behind.
  • 100% of the cover will be paid out if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of less than 12 months;
  • Your policy may also be ceded as security for a loan;
  • 20% of your cover – up to a max of R50 000 (Fifty Thousand Rand) – will be paid to your beneficiary within 48 hours to cover your funeral expenses or as instant cash.

Life’s villain: 1 in 4 people will become disabled before retirement.
  • 100% of the benefit amount will be paid out as a lump sum to you in the event that you become permanently disabled.

Life’s villain: Various types of cancers and diseases, including heart attacks, strokes, pancreatic failure, loss of vision, major skin burns, Hodgkin’s disease, etc.
  • 100% of the benefit amount will be paid out to you in the event that you become diagnosed with a dread disease;
  • Cover helps pay the bills will you are recovering. Note that your medical aid will pay for the cost of treatment for the disease.

Life’s villain: Struggling with daily activities such as walking, washing, eating, etc. due to injury.
  • A percentage of your cover will be paid out to you, depending on the extent to which your ability to do normal daily activities has been impacted.

Life’s villain: Surviving without a salary.
  • Monthly pay-out to help you pay your bills and cover other living expenses while you are unable to earn an income
  • … as a result of a bodily injury or illness to the extent that you are unable to perform the main duties of your occupation on a total or a partial basis.

Your cover amount required as well as the relevant premium is based on a needs analysis. Kindly contact your relevant Legal Hero broker or e-mail for more information on our life cover.

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