Financial problems getting you down?


Outstanding debt is easier to sweep under the carpet than to deal with. Initially, you might find some solace in pretending, however, as time progresses, that bulge under the carpet will eventually become stress bulges that run down your neck and keep you up at night. Eventually the sound of a phone ringing will bring about anxiety, as it could possibly be one of your creditors following up or threatening to take legal action against you. That’s not even the worst of it all. The worst phase to enter is the one where you simply lose hope.

“Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.” Samuel Smiles

If you are having serious trouble repaying your debts and if you are ready to embark on the road to financial freedom, we at Legal Hero have the perfect solution: debt review.

Debt review vs being placed under administration?

Debt review is often preferred to being placed under administration. Why?

Debt review offers greater consumer protection as the fees to the debt counsellor are strictly regulated by the National Credit Regulator. A debt counsellor will assess your state of indebtedness, offer sound financial advice and facilitate a debt rearrangement with your creditors. Should your creditors not agree to the debt rearrangement one may apply to court for an order confirming same. The debt counsellor will then manage all your payments from a central distribution agency on a monthly basis on your behalf.

Administration is more expensive and the fees to the administrator managing the payments are higher. A court order is required and the debt may not total more than R50 000. There have been many reports of irregularities in that the fees to the administrator are not properly regulated and there is no central distribution agency involved. In most cases the distributions to credit providers only occur every three months and are handled by the administrators themselves.

How long does debt review take?

Nothing is a short-term fix. You will need to commit. The goal is to get you debt-free within a period of 3-5 years. Depending on your circumstances, this could happen much sooner.

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