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Exciting new benefit announcement!

All Legal Hero policyholders now enjoy assistance with their home loan/ bond application process. Contact 0861 22 99 22 (option 4) or e-mail bond@legalhero.co.za. We want to see you and your family thrive.

When it comes to property (movable and immovable property), your Legal Hero benefits include purchase and sale agreements, advice on agreements before you sign, consumer protection, lease agreements, bond application assistance and discount on transfer and registration fees. Apart from the aforementioned, you and your family now also enjoy assistance with the home loan application process.

Something interesting to keep in mind when purchasing your first property is the Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Program.

Keeping you informed: Have you heard of FLISP?

What is it? The Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Program (FLISP) was developed by the Department of Human Settlements and is a form of subsidy.

What does it do? FLISP helps successful applicants to purchase his/ her first property in a formal town by way of a once-off subsidy in the region of R10 000 – R87 000.

Do I qualify? If you are a first time home buyer, a South African citizen over 18 years, have never benefited from a Government Housing Subsidy Scheme (such as an RDP house, for example) and earn between R3 501 and R15 000 per month, you are eligible to apply. Your potential FLISP subsidy depends on your household’s combined monthly income.

Contact details: NHFC 0860 011 011 or flisp@nhf.co.za. Visit www.nhfc.co.za for more information.

For assistance with your home loan application to all mayor banks, please contact bond@legalhero.co.za as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: movable property refers to your car or phone, whilst immovable property refers to property/ land.

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