The Hero. A happy Miss Mabaso at the KZN Department of Education 2016 Awards Ceremony.

Not all Heroes wear capes. Although we tend to think Miss Mabaso should! After being awarded a certificate of excellence as a top KZN educator, we simply had to catch up with the woman and Hero who believes in, and takes daily strides towards, a better tomorrow…

Thando: Please tell us about yourself as Hero – where did you grow up, where did you go to school and why did you start teaching?

Miss Mabaso: I’m a woman who believes in herself. I have a clear vision and passion for life. I always strive for excellence. I run the extra mile in my career. I try to always do more than what is expected of me. I am a very dedicated person and a good motivator.

I grew up in Estcourt, Ntabamhlophe Location. I started Primary Education at Sakhile Primary School, Sobabili High School and Estcourt Senior Secondary School

I am a Teacher by profession. I did my Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Durban University of Technology and hold an Honours Degree in Education from UNISA. I started teaching in 2007. In 2013 I was promoted to be a Head Of Department. In 2016 I was again promoted to be Deputy Principal where also I got a special opportunity to act as Principal.

T: What inspires you to strive for such greatness?M: As an innovative person, I always want to turn things around. Teaching is my calling. I like transformation. Changing the lives of African children is my vision, this is what inspires me. It gives me a reason to wake up in the morning and speak life to these young girls and boys. I am a visionary leader. Changing the lives of South African children inspires me to never stop doing what I do.

T: You must be their Hero. Question is, who is your favourite superhero and why?

M: My favourite superhero is my former Grade 12 accounting educator, Dr. ATM Gwala. He managed to identify a talent and a special skill in me. He advised me to further my studies because of the potential he saw in me. He taught me so many things other than accounting. He is my mentor and life coach. He taught me the skills of being a good leader.

T: What is your vision for South Africa?

M: My vision for South Africa is seeing people who were previously disadvantaged changing their lives for good. I would love to see all citizens being able to read, write and be computer literate. This will enable them to try and do things on their own and not always depend on government.Seeing an old African woman or child reading a book in a train or taxi would make me happy. Every home should have a book to read! Every South African should be able to enforce their rights to education.

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