Happy Nelson Mandela Day!

Nelson Mandela Day

Our Main Hero.

Available 365 days a year to over indebted South Africans: contact info@debthero.co.za now to arrange a free 67 minute consultation to assess your needs and the options available to you. This consultation is worth R1000. In the spirit of Nelson Mandela Day, contact us for a free consultation all year round.

Not sure if you are over indebted? These are a few of the warning signs:

• borrowing from friends and family or your employer
• creditor calls are making you consider suicide, gambling
• thinking of resigning to pay debt with pension payout
• living off month-to-month loans or micro lenders
• in arrears on municipal services accounts
• in arrears on school fees
• sick of receiving threatening calls or SMSes
• in arrears on clothing & furniture accounts
• in arrears on cell phone account
• voluntary surrender of vehicle or furniture
• credit card and/or overdraft at its limit “max-ed out”
• applying for a second bond to pay for smaller debt
• using access facility on home loan to pay shortfall in monthly living expenses
• cashing in policies or making loans against savings or other investments
• feeling ill due to debt commitments and using substances to cope
• want to make a change but don’t know where to turn?

provides for the general regulation of consumer credit and improved standards of consumer information, including provision for debt reorganisation in cases of over-indebtedness.

Contact info@debthero.co.za to make use of this offering.

Happy Nelson Mandela Day today, tomorrow, for the rest of the year and every year. May we all do good and continue to build on Mandela’s legacy in this beautiful rainbow nation we share.