Compliment received via e-mail

“Att : Legal Hero

I like to thank Legal Hero for having Nadine Thomas and Chris Madonda. This gentleman Chris I met him for the first time to join Legal Hero at my place of residence kwaNdengezi Pinetown. We did paperwork and he asked me if I was experiencing any legal difficulties. I told him about my long ongoing fight between myself and the bank, banking agency, the attorneys as they wanted to reposses my house.

Without ‎delay the same day he referred me to Nadine Thomas who took this matter personally like I was her blood brother. She uncovered a lot of unjust that was done against my name. She managed to stop the bank and their attorneys to reposses my house and harassing me.

I managed to pay my bond until it is finalised without ‎any threat. My house is now fully paid. I m having a settlement letter handed from the bank to confirm it.

I m so proud if these two Legal Heroes. Please never give up on an excellent work you re doing‎ for us as your clients.

T Ncwane”