Debt Review – did you know?

1. Debt review will stop your creditors from harassing and threatening you all hours of the day to demand payment. Your debt counsellor will become the middle man;

debt review

2. We renegotiate debts with your creditors and may even decrease the amount of interest you contractually agreed to;

3. We aim to get you debt free within three years, depending on the circumstances;

4. Debt Review has set fees in terms of what the debt counsellor may earn (unlike being placed under administration). The industry is heavy regulated and even includes an external central distribution agency that calculates and makes payments to all the parties involved on a monthly basis. The debt counsellor does not touch your money;

debt review

5. Debt Hero offers you one free first consultation to the value of R1000.00, where after you can decide whether debt review is for you. E-mail to make your appointment.

5 ways to win the war on overspending

1. Assess your living expenses, create a realistic budget and stick to it;

2. When considering a purchase ask yourself: is it a want or a need?

3. Are you being influenced by the phrase “retail therapy?” Do you know that there is no such thing as retail therapy?

4. Save cash for larger items – learn to wait!

5. Always make payments on time. It’s also important to read and understand contracts before you sign. Members should always contact Legal Hero before signing a document.

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