People continue to ask what on earth legal cost insurance is. Legal cost insurance = the payment of an affordable monthly premium. This pays your legal fees in your future moment of need.

legal cost insurance

Example 1:

Similar to paying monthly premiums to your medical insurance company and then not having to pay the doctor when you go to the hospital… Legal cost insurance is a key to our justice system in that you as a policyholder (monthly premiums) don’t have to pay the lawyer when you have a legal problem.

Example 2:

You cannot request a vehicle insurance quote today, but then ask your vehicle insurance provider to pay for an accident you had last week. Same goes for legal cost insurance: for litigation (going to Court) cover, the ‘accident’ (the event causing you legal trouble) needs to happen only after you have joined. Sometimes an additional waiting period also applies.


It’s therefore never too soon to become a Legal Hero member, as we cannot predict the future. What we will, however, predict is that you will either enjoy quality legal assistance or receive a claim-free cashback.


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