Happy Friday! The letter of appreciation below will be framed to remind us of our goal daily; to step up as your Hero to fight those legal villains that get in the way of your wellbeing.

letter of appreciation

“Hi Legal Hero Team, especially you Nadine. I would like to thank u a million times.

Here is my case. I had borrowed money to the value of R5000.00 in 2009 paid two premiums and got dismissed from work. I was re-instated in 2011 July. In October 2011 a man came into the office, claiming that he comes on behalf of (name removed), which was the company that I had borrowed money from. The amount had now gone to +-R16880. The interest was very high but I agreed to pay the amount for R1000.00 every month until it is settled but in May 2012 R1000.00 was debited from my bank account and another one from my salary, I questioned these with (name of attorneys have been removed), they claimed that I had been garnished. The amount had now gone from R16880 to +-R38850. I was staying in Durban but was garnished in Kimberly. I approached the Law Society which told (name has been removed) to refund me as they had garnished me unlawfully.

The problem started when they were suppose to refund me. I, then approached the Credit Ombudsmen, was told that the matter was out of their jurisdiction. I approached (name of other legal insurance company has been removed), they were not able to able to assist, I cancelled the membership. I approached the NCR, which told me the matter had been taken to Tribunal as there were many people complaining about this company but I never got any help. In 2016 February I joined Legal Hero, with the existing matter.* They were able to claim +-R11600 from this company.

Thank u guys, u have conquered where many have failed, you never told me that I had joined the Legal Hero with the existing matter, many companies would told me so, you took the matter head on, just as you had promised.

I would recommend you to anyone who would like to join.



Promise Hlomuka”

*As with all insurance companies, you need to be a member before the incident happens to receive cover. However, our R220pm policy covers incidents that arose before you became a member (but not litigation/ physical representation in court). This benefit is limited to out of Court assistance (legal letters, calls to third parties, perusing contracts, negotiations, etc. in an attempt to settle out of Court). Ts and Cs as per the relevant policy guide apply.