Stop and have a look at the below cartoon before you purchase or try to sell that RDP House.

RDP Houses


  1. Legal Hero Policyholders may receive assistance with their property related matters. Legal Hero can refer you to a Conveyancer at a discounted rate of up to 40%. Remember that the transfer fee has two parts and only the Conveyancer’s Fee portion entails the discount. We have seen Policyholders take the total transfer fee and deduct 40%, however, this is not how it works. Another misconception is that 40% of the transfer fees will be paid to the Policyholder in cash. This is not the case. Legal Hero can arrange discount on the Conveyancer’s portion of the transfer fees only where the Seller of the property agrees that we may appoint the Conveyancer;
  2. With regards to property related matters (both movable such as a car/ phone/ laptop and immovable such as property), Legal Hero may also assist with a tailor-made contract of sale/ purchase agreement;
  3. We also assist with Bond Applications to all the major banks in order to find you the best rate, however, please note that this benefit requires you to make contact with us before you sign any documents/ enter into an agreement;
  4. Our individual insurance policies are specifically designed to cater for the needs of Government Sector Heroes: SAPS Officials, Nurses, Teachers, Department of Defence, etc.;
  5. Note to the visitor who is NOT a Policyholder and visiting due to an existing legal problem:This is not (free) Legal Aid. Legal Hero offers Legal Insurance Policies.An insurance policy means you need to become a Policyholder before your problem started. Similar to vehicle insurance that will not cover the damage from a crash that happened the day before you took out car insurance, legal insurance protects you against future legal problems. When you join with an existing matter we can only help you with Legal Advice (and not any in-Court/ contacts/ negotiation assistance).Remember to join to protect your future legal headaches and avoid this from happening again :);
  6. Disclaimer: please note that the above compliments/ testimonials/ endorsements/ information/ cartoons are not financial and/ or legal advice. The aforesaid information is made available without any representation or warranty whatsoever, whether expressed or implied.


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