This weekend might be a great time to get your ducks in a row and write a Will! DIY Wills are, however, dangerous and can be declared invalid. If you are a Legal Hero policyholder, rather contact your hero and ask for professional assistance. 5 FAQ’s answered:  1. What are the basic formalities? a) Write/ […]

1. Go to the Magistrate’s Court and complete a Protection Order Application form. – You may ask the Clerk of the Court for assistance; – Take with you all supporting documents (including Affidavits of others, photos, text messages, etc.); 2. The Presiding Officer will consider your application as soon as reasonably possible. 3. If the […]

Thought: have you ever entered into a binding contract without even knowing?    Question received  “Can I claim back my money? I ordered hay for my horses in November 2013 after seeing an advertisement on the internet. The man was very polite over the phone and convinced me to pay the full R3 000 in advance. He […]