26May 2015

1. There is currently no law specifically regulating polygraph (lie detecting) tests in South Africa! 2. Some employers make use of polygraphs to test the honesty of employees after company property has gone missing or after alleged misconduct. A few employers even request pre-interview polygraph testing! 3. These tests involve electronic sensors placed over the […]

24Feb 2015

1.       Not for convenience   The artificial insemination of a surrogate mother is only lawful if the commissioning parent/ parents have a permanent and irreversible condition and are therefore unable to give birth to a child. 2.       The surrogate mother may not receive any form of payment The surrogate mother may not receive any form of […]

26Nov 2014

We recently received a question on a lease matter. Please note that readers may direct questions to freeadvice@legalhero.co.za. In our sole discretion, four questions will be answered each month via Facebook update – the reader’s identity will be protected. It is our way of giving back and saying thank you for your loyal support.    Our […]