Debt Hero endeavours to free you from the villain of over indebtedness and map out your road to financial freedom with pride, professionalism and commitment.

Available to all over-indebted consumers in South Africa, Debt Review is a legal process which works to balance the needs of all parties to arrive at a fair solution. It helps you find relief and at the same time pay up your debt within about 3 years. During this period you will not be able to enter into new credit agreements, however, it is a long-term commitment to turning your life around for the better.

The first appointment includes the drawing of your credit profile, providing financial advice on your income and expenditure, setting up a realistic budget and advising on whether or not the solution would bring suitable relief to you. Debt review furthermore entails cutting on commissions and other hidden costs embedded in a credit agreement, in order to reduce the repayment total.

Did you know?

Many potential policyholders contact us wanting to know how to ‘exit’ debt review. There are only two ways in which you can ‘exit’ debt review:  

  1. Once all your debt has been paid up and the relevant paid up letters can be obtained, then we may assist by sending all these paid up letters to the Debt Counsellor (DC) for them to remove the debt review flag form your name; 
  2. The other option is through Court by applying for a rescission order to remove the debt review flag from your profile. However, this is only possible should you be able to prove a change in circumstances/ that you are now financially stable and able of handling your debt yourself, i.e. no longer over-indebted. 

Legal Hero unfortunately does not cover the cost for such an application (rescission order) where you were placed under debt review by a debt counsellor other than one appointed by Legal Hero, we can however refer you to one of our Panel Attorneys at a reduced and negotiated rate. 


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