03Mar 2015

Tell me more about equality! 1. Banning prostitution does not amount to indirect unfair discrimination against women. This is according to the court case of S v Jordaan. The judge ruled that the problem lies with women generating supply and not with men’s demand. It was ruled that the prohibition cannot be said to be […]

24Feb 2015

1.       Not for convenience   The artificial insemination of a surrogate mother is only lawful if the commissioning parent/ parents have a permanent and irreversible condition and are therefore unable to give birth to a child. 2.       The surrogate mother may not receive any form of payment The surrogate mother may not receive any form of […]

19Feb 2015

You’re wearing the ring but the relationship does not make sense anymore… TIP   The same applies to marriage and divorce.    In your ante-nuptial agreement you may arrange to keep your engagement ring should you divorce (regardless of fault/ blame). As a policyholder of the Legal Hero product, you are covered for an ante-nuptial agreement. […]

17Feb 2015

Love is wonderful but every so often it can seduce us into acting hastily and making bad life decisions. One such a decision is choosing the wrong matrimonial property regime. What is a matrimonial property regime? A matrimonial property regime is a big word for the financial arrangement between you and your spouse. You could […]

11Feb 2015

1. Go to the Magistrate’s Court and complete a Protection Order Application form. – You may ask the Clerk of the Court for assistance; – Take with you all supporting documents (including Affidavits of others, photos, text messages, etc.); 2. The Presiding Officer will consider your application as soon as reasonably possible. 3. If the […]

10Feb 2015

Before the Protection from Harassment Act: · Only victims involved in a domestic relationship (such as spouses in a marriage, engaged couples or parties in a romantic-, intimate- or sexual relationship) could seek recourse. After the Protection from Harassment Act (April 2013): · Any victim of harassment causing mental, psychological, physical or economic harm; · Also victims […]

09Feb 2015

Roses are red, violets are blue, do you know that I’ve been stalking you? Say NO to harm (mental, psychological, physical or economic) caused by harassment. Question 1: Please define harassment? Harassment = unwelcome… Harassment includes: the direct and / or indirect act that either causes mental, psychological, physical or economic harm or inspires the victim to […]

06Feb 2015

Tell me more about same sex marriages… Did you know? South Africa was the first country to proclaim:   a)      Sexual orientation as a human right in both its Interim (1993) and Final Constitution (1996); b)      that discrimination based on sex, gender or sexual orientation was forbidden.       In spite of the above, […]