04Nov 2014

Labour law in South Africa favours the employee and fairness. Mission statement Legal Hero steps up to secure justice in an uncertain world where legal threats are likely, skills are scarce and only a minority can afford the law. Determined to leave this world a better place, Legal Hero endeavours to not only provide quality […]

27Oct 2014

Dismissal is tough to swallow, especially in this economy.     It’s a nasty feeling, especially if you have reason to believe that the dismissal was unfair. Did you know that about 100 000 cases were referred to the CCMA last year? Legal Hero saves the day by arranging CCMA/ Labour court representation for its […]

13Oct 2014

Statistics relating to the insurance spread in South Africa reveal that funeral policies, life cover, medical aid and vehicle insurance have widely been accepted as essential financial products within the insurance market. Legal cost insurance however has the smallest infiltration and many South Africans continue to perceive legal cost insurance as a luxury. This is […]