27Jan 2015

    Question received: “Hi please tell me, can a store where you buy on account tell other people about your debts, private information and that you dont pay?” Reply Your credit information is personal and protected. It is true that credit providers have an obligation to assess your repayment capability before granting credit to […]

20Jan 2015

Victimization is a sneaky evil that must be stopped. Notes: While you have 90 days to refer an unfair labour practice to the CCMA, you only have 30 DAYS to refer an unfair dismissal. Chapter two of the Employment Equity Act also sets out a few practices that could amount to victimization (preventing employees from […]

10Dec 2014

Tell me more about paternity testing, please? www.legalhero.co.za Notes: During a maintenance inquiry, it is fairly common for a party to allege that they are in fact, not the biological parent and are therefore not liable to pay maintenance. It is then when the Maintenance Court needs to  step in to help determine paternity.  Presumptions and/ […]

26Nov 2014

We recently received a question on a lease matter. Please note that readers may direct questions to freeadvice@legalhero.co.za. In our sole discretion, four questions will be answered each month via Facebook update – the reader’s identity will be protected. It is our way of giving back and saying thank you for your loyal support.    Our […]

19Nov 2014

Did you know? Fees owing to the SABC in terms of your TV license NEVER prescribe/ become invalid! This is significant as most debts may prescribe after 3, 6, 15 or 30 years. In terms of the Broadcasting Act and Television License Regulations, licenses are payable in advance and unpaid license fees will NOT constitute […]

04Nov 2014

Labour law in South Africa favours the employee and fairness. Mission statement Legal Hero steps up to secure justice in an uncertain world where legal threats are likely, skills are scarce and only a minority can afford the law. Determined to leave this world a better place, Legal Hero endeavours to not only provide quality […]

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