Life Hero is a product range that falls within the long term insurance industry. In collaboration with Triarc - an authorized financial services provider FSP45009 also with Guardrisk (Guardrisk Life FSP76).


We now offer you the following benefits:  

Life Cover

Life’s villain: Running out of time

  • 100% cover paid out if diagnosed with terminal illness  
  • 20% cover paid to beneficiary within 48 hours (funeral expenses/ instant cash) 

Disability Cover

Life’s villain: 1 in 4 people will become disabled before retirement. 

  • 100% amount paid out  

Dread Disease Cover

Life’s villain: Various types of cancers and diseases, including heart attacks, strokes, pancreatic failure, loss of vision, major skin burns, Hodgkin’s disease, etc.

  • 100% paid out  

Functional Impairment Cover

Life’s villain: Struggling with daily activities such as walking, eating, etc. due to injury.

  • A percentage paid out, depending on extent of impact

Income Protection Cover

Life’s villain: Surviving without a salary

  • Monthly pay-out to help pay bills and cover other living expenses 

Monthly premiums are based on a need’s analysis. Kindly contact your Legal Hero broker or e-mail


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