03May 2018

For most individuals, their employment income is their only security for survival. The high unemployment rate in South Africa has even further reduced many households to rely on one breadwinner’s income. The job security of that breadwinner therefore, becomes critical. What do you do, when you think you have been dismissed unfairly? The unfairness of […]

26Apr 2018

The position of women in traditional/customary marriages was previously equal to that of minors. This was due to the fact that Customary law systems are patriarchal in nature, meaning they elevate the status of men above and to the detriment of women. For example, the doctrine of male premogeniture in customary inheritance discriminated against women in […]

03Apr 2018

Question. ‘Please tell me more about Debt Review and how do I exit Debt Review?’ Available to an over-indebted consumer, debt review is a 3-5 year solution where a Public Distribution Agency (PDA) distributes funds to your creditors on a monthly basis after a Debt Counsellor has renegotiated and arranged an alternative repayment plan for […]

10Oct 2017

This week Legal Hero celebrates 3 years of offering our members a solution (quality legal cost insurance) to unaffordable legal fees. We thank each and every one of our loyal members and business partners, for allowing us the opportunity to add value to your financial and legal wellbeing. What a blessing it is to try hard, […]