Legal Hero furthermore offers legal value-added services. This means that Legal Hero can develop a product to cater for the existing client base of a corporate, government or large private entity.

The monthly legal service fee charged per person would depend on the following:

  1. The size (total) of the client base;
  2. Previous utilization stats, if available;
  3. The benefits requested. For example, legal advice only during office hours would drive down the costs compared to a 24/7 emergency arrest line.

Please contact us via arrange a consultation. During the consultation a needs and affordability analysis will be conducted on your specific group, after which you will be furnished with a quotation.

Please note that VAS benefits exclude litigation (in Court) assistance, as litigation cover may only be provided in accordance with FSCA compliance in terms of which a strict set of insurance laws apply. Kindly, however, contact us to discuss “White Labelling” should you, as a Corporate Group, be interested in providing your book with litigation cover/ a product similar to our own full-blown insurance product as presented on the home page of this website.

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